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Amy, Co-Founder

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James, Founder

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Alex, Co-Founder

“Uncapped was incredibly responsive. When others couldn’t work with us because of limited history or seasonality, they found a way. We now have investors chasing us instead.”

Moritz, Co-Founder

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Piotr, Founder

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Andrei, Co-Founder

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Mareile, Co-founder

“I was able to 2x my marketing and inventory budget without giving up any equity. Our business is now booming thanks to Uncapped.”

SCARLETT, Co-founder

“Uncapped have repeatedly been a great growth partner who have moved incredibly quickly in order to help me achieve my goals”

Givan, Owner

“Uncapped are perfect for SaaS companies that are reluctant to go through the VC funding process”

Michał, Co-Founder

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Charles, CEO

"I feel very grateful to be building a company at a time when a product like Uncapped exists"

Ben, CEO


“Getting funded with Uncapped was quick and easy. It saved us millions in dilution.”

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Uncapped is a much more affordable option for funding digital ads and repeatable growth.”


Louis Rennocks, Co-Founder & MD

“Bank loans make you jump through so many hoops, then pay back ridiculous interest. Uncapped made it easy and the money arrived quickly”

Louis Rennocks, Co-Founder & MD

Uncapped gives us more control. We used our advance alongside VC funding to accelerate our growth.”